Monday, February 28, 2011

Red Snow Moon Over Edmonton

Please look at this Astronomy Picture of the Day for a great photo!


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Hand Lesions

This female patient was seen in Honduras on our recent trip. She had these painful lesions for 23 days and was in severe pain with her entire hand. Look closely at the photo and you can come up with the diagnosis, which is not the hard part the treatment was what was perplexing!


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blue-Red glasses

I bought blue-red glasses a couple of years ago (not the cardboard type) to use with things on the net that were in 3-D. This morning after watching Astronomy Picture of the day(by the way what happened to our link from CC?), I noticed that after taking the glasses off and covering one eye --right eye / blue lens that the picture was bluer and then covering left eye/ red lens the picture was more yellow. At first I thought old man cataracts, etc. but in just a minute this color change disappeared. I'm sure there is an explanation that involves cones and transient imaging or something, but I thought it was interesting. Try it!


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