Thursday, February 11, 2010

Italian Shoes, do they fit?

This is the book I won't suggest. Now I have you interested. It is very Swedish and the main character is a physician.

I can remember every detail of this book vividly. Is that a characteristic of a good book? There are several I have no memory of at all.

Now I am reading 4 short stories by Mankell, the verdict is still out.

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell

I just finished the book Beat the Reaperby Josh Bazell. Apparently he is a physician and this is his debut novel. I think I downloaded it based on a recommendation from The book is relatively short, just over six hours, but it packs a punch. To avoid spoiling the book, I won't tell too much of the story. The protagonist is a medical resident in an internal medicine program in a New York hospital, who got there as a result of his placement in the federal witness protection program due to his involvement with the mob in his earlier life. It is exciting, entertaining and especially poignant for someone who has gone through a medical residency. Even though my training program was not that similar to the hitman doctor's, so much of his experience still rings true. My only minor complaint is that many of the events are way over the top in terms of believability, but I expected that after reading the reviews on Audible. Its kind of like a mix between The Godfather, Rambo and House M.D. There is also a good deal of vulgarity (not a complaint, just a heads up).

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