Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Top Reasons Why People Visit Our Blog

Periodically I will sort through the logs of the our hit counter to see what has brought most of our visitors to this site. Of course there are some direct links from other websites to various posts, but most of our hits come from search engines, mostly Google. Some topics have waxed and waned in their popularity, but 3 entries stand out as the biggest sources of referrals.

1. toddler fever with rash and various combinations - The picture and discussion of my kid with roseola at one year of age from back in October 2005 is the most popular. Judging by the search phrases, these hits mostly seem to come from worried parents of small children with rashes, as one might expect.

2. Scrotal bleeding/my scrotum won't stop bleeding - This subject has generated some of the best search phrases including my all time favorites "scrotums of fury". The cause of these inquiries leading to us stems from an early post by the Flash, Shorned scrotum -- a case study and a follow-up post by me, Causes of Scrotal Bleeding

3. How to shave pubs/why shave pubs? - These phrases get Googlers to our site because of Joe's admonition about pubic hair removal: Don't Shave Your PUBS!! This warning was incited by a recurring theme in our clinical conversations, abscesses/cellulitis/"spider bites". This also brings to mind the wonderful mythical methicorn, which still occasionally brings people our way and is of course a great source of personal pride.

The next few show up on the radar less often but are still worth mentioning.

4. Chiladiti's sign/syndrome - A good case presented by Joe with an excellent x-ray.

5. Pinworm picture/photo - Enterobius vermicularis in vivo.

6. Hypercalcemia/PTH/parathyroid tumor - My post with good pictures. You have to read the comments see that the point of the post is to illustrate the fact that in someone with hypercalcemia, a PTH in the "normal" reference range (especially high normal) doesn't rule out a parathyroid adenoma. When I say read the comments, I mean skip over Joe's initial confounding comments to make sense of this one.

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posted by Clay @ 12/25/2007 10:12:00 AM   1 comments


At 7:50 PM, Blogger joe said...

Great and historic cases, I enjoyed reviewing them.
I really liked the big-headed kid. I liked "beer gas" but finally got tired of it.


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