Friday, February 25, 2005

The Mythical Methicorn

From the archives of the Bibb Mobile: After an outbreak of "spider bites" at the local county jail a few years back, in addition to the baseline number of "spider bites", mostly located in the antecubital fossae of some of our most upstanding patients, a bright young doctor put forth a very interesting theory. He proposed that these people were not victims of spiderbites at all, but rather the victims of a much more sinister being. This creature was once thought to be merely a myth, but we now know that he exists from the trail of abcesses left in his wake. He prefers to attack at night when only the most vunerable individuals have been awake for 36-48 hours. His method of attack: walk right up and stick his needle-like appendage right in the most exposed vein, usually in the AC fossa. Fearing vengance from this creature, all of his victims have been unwilling to name it as the culprit. They instead give the next most believable explanation, spider bite.

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THE mythical methicorn.


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