Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Narcanotaur (aka Methadone Minotaur)

If you didn't bother to read the comments left by Joe's post of his depiction, the story goes like this:
A lady was admitted by Dr. Franklin after ingesting 30, 10 mg methadone and was unarousable (deep sleep and blue). Joe recommended that before Dr. Franklin tucked her in for her dirt nap, he might try some Narcan and he complied. He reported "she rose up like a bull". Thus the name The Methadone Minotaur. After hearing the story I wanted to put my own spin on it and recommended the name Narcanotaur which I feel is much catchier. Joe said he was going to make a drawing. While waiting for Joe to make his post, I drew my own rough draft. After seeing his however, I will not embarrass him further with any improvements to my rough draft.

Rather, I will embarrass him with a critique of his artistic and blogging skills.

First of all Joe, give the post a title, then put the story in the post where it can be seen rather than in the comments where it is hidden. Secondly did the Bull thing stuff his nose with hay instead of his mouth or what? And where is the hospital scene with the bed and all that? Get your daughter to help out or something, please.

I applaud your creative efforts.

If anyone would like to make an their own version of a Narcanotaur based on the above story leave a link in the comments and I will post it or make a link in the post for you. Apparently this is now a contest to be judged by the Iraqi detainees.

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At 10:11 PM, Blogger joe said...

Nice touches--bloodshot eyes, IV with narcan, but horns a little prominent, and no snot coming from the nares.
Good try but I'll let the Iraq detainees decide.

At 5:21 AM, Blogger joe said...

Well, I yield to the blog master, and for the record I had all that stuff in my initial post but got "blog error" so I was glad to get my minotaur creative as he/she is on the blog at all. Here is what happened-- Scan into computer/put in Picasa/send to blog/get error message/late at night/previous visit to Orca(who apparently loses his entire rant at times, must be hrs lost)/ck fantansy bb/watch ASU lose to Iowa----I can't do EVERYTHING! But fortunately I have friends, partners, and family who try to clean up after me.


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