Saturday, March 12, 2005

Moot is a hoot !

Thank you for an interest in words and for correcting any misspelling and vague misinterpretation of their meanings. I am a little disappointed in the general noninterest in these matters by other members of the blog. It was good to know that moot was a LEGAL term and is DEBATABLE. I thought it was mute and no further discussion was needed or expected. So moot IS a hoot.

By the way my spell ck doesn't work and if you would tell me how to make it work it would save you untold hours of checking my compositons.

I must also note that George(not Patton) is on my mind tonight--not Jack but George.

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At 10:39 PM, Blogger Clay said...

Well you your meaning was right but it was just the wrong word. If you follow to the end of the Yahoo dictionary you will see the explanation of the meaning which is what you intended
"But in the mid-19th century people also began to look at the hypothetical side of moot as its essential meaning, and they started to use the word to mean 'of no significance or relevance.' Thus, a moot point, however debatable, is one that has no practical value"
A warning is given however.
"When using moot one should be sure that the context makes clear which sense is meant."

At 8:55 AM, Blogger joe said...

Yes, I employed a secondary or even passe' definition, but OTHERS often do the same. The point is debate and rolling moot around in the brain, where many moot ideas are formed. Moot is a hoot.(and also I like the way that sounds)


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