Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Multimedia Rundown

First of all, I am finished with My Life
My Life
on 6 CDs.

It was okay, I like Bill alright, but I'm like Joe, I remember it too well, or at least the last half of it, to form any new or worthwhile opinions. Whoever wants it let me know or will just give it back to Brad.

Next is the movie Waking Life.

Joe is currently holding this one, he said he slept through most of it but he wants to try again. It is called a movie, but really it is more like a series of extreme philosophical rants, loosely tied together by a common character present througout, with a look that resembles a realistic cartoon or a painting in motion. I highly recommend this movie, Joe may give a different opinion.

Another DVD that I have for loan is Baraka

This is less of a movie than Waking Life so I may not be able to recommend it to Joe because he would probably sleep through it too. You'll have to read the reviews to get a better Idea of what it is about, but briefly, it is a bunch of great scenery, with time lapse photography of cities, skies, train stations and much more, with some good music. I think it was great but if you need a plot and some explosions, forget it.

The last DVD I am holding is called Tape

With Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard and Uma Thurman and thats it. In one hotel room, the whole time. Its full of good dialogue and suspense.

Whoever has some new material hurry and give it up, I need something to listen to on my way to work besides the F the Memphis Mayor campaign by Rock 103 (not that I don't enjoy it).

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At 10:47 PM, Blogger joe said...

OK, Waking Life is more like Sleeping Life---I did make through 1/2 of it and will say it was not a movie as mentioned but a rant of first class, however we are all about rants.

I watched American Splendor(had seen a review and blogmaster had suggested it) and found it interesting--did not know Harvey was a real person. Need to watch it again also as MA said I slept through some of the important parts.

I had a heart to heart with BB and SD since they said it is their turn to purchase the next cds, and they agree they are up.

Suggestion Jefferson, the American Sphinx by Ellis and Washington by Ellis also.

After 22 hours of Lewis and Clark Undaunted Courage, I felt like I WAS Meriweather Lewis and am still sad about his untimely death. All the questions of the cause of death are mute and the obvious is that he was bipolar--no question.

One other movie (a real movie) I watched last night--The Dreamers--about Paris in the 1960s.
Full of gratuitous sex and nudity but also if you watch the extras some social history. Why is it that the really good movies have only ONE copy at Hastings? The others(popular movies) has 20 or 30.

At 9:41 PM, Blogger Clay said...


At 5:43 AM, Blogger joe said...

Of course, you're right AGAIN, I guess I was almost(hopefully never) mute, disquieted, and sad after losing Lewis.


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