Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bleeding Scrotum

One of our most searched medical problem ---bleeding scrotum---aka angiokeratomas of Fordyce
came up in report the other day. There were lots of tee-hees and quizzical looks when this dx was introduced to some naive learners.
It still remains very much an unknown while very common, guess most people don't look at scroti even their own.
As we were discussing this common problem another learner related a case of a bleeding scrotum where a wife decided to "pick one of these" mistakenly thinking it needed picked---you guessed it--a bleeding scrotum.
We probably should go on CNN and alert wives to not do this. Oh what the yeah, if they Google before may they won't stick a sewing needle into an obvious vascular lesion. Or at least after they have attacked the benign lesion they can find out where they went wrong and apply pressure for 5 minutes.


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At 8:14 AM, Blogger Clay said...

Yes, don't mess with THE LITTLE PURPLE SPOTS ON YOUR SCROTUM or they will BLEED. If you must, show them to your doctor first. Here is the link to the original discussion on the causes of scrotal bleeding


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