Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the more things change the more they stay the same

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At 9:13 PM, Blogger Clay said...

Joe, You need to remember that search engines can't read writing in pictures and photographs yet and they put more emphasis on large bold faced print like what you see in the titles of posts. So you should have at least mentioned the word METHRECLUSE in your title for the sake of searchability in the future. Otherwise you post is nearly useless. Also there should be some mention of the text contained in the picture, if not an entire translation of the words from jpg to genuine text. You should have words like methamphetamine, spider bite, abscess, and of course, methicorn in the text of your post without me having to reprimand you every time.

Aside from that issue I will say that I am very excited about the discovery of this new species of animal. I hope that some day we will be able to find a live specimen of the methrecluse so that we may have a better understanding of this scourge on our society. I have so many questions. For example does it have the same habits as the Methicorn such as its prediliction for attacking the antecubital fossa of its prey? If so I think that it could be said that these animals could serve as further proof of convergent evolution as animals with no recent common ancestry developing similar physical structures and habits through entirely different processes to fill the same ecological niches. How wonderful! Please keep me posted.


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