Friday, April 22, 2005

Album of the Week: Big Audio Dynamite II - The Globe

This is one of my favorite CD's to pull out of the collection from time to time. First of all, it reminds me of my college days which was when it came out. A couple of songs like Rush and The Globe hit the mainstream during that time, but they are all very interesting. One bit of info about this band that I like to share when I get the chance is that the main man behind B.A.D. was Mick Jones, who had previously been a member of The Clash (Here is the story). Their music has good deal of techno/dance influence which was appealing to me back in the day, but now when I listen, aside from the memory lane bit, I find something else amusing; Right in the middle of the second song, Can't Wait/Live, they sample a quote from Shakespeare [Henry VII, Part III, II.v.21]
O God! methinks it were a happy life,
To be no better than a homely swain;
To sit upon a hill, as I do now,
To carve out dials, quaintly, point by point,
Thereby to see the minutes how they run,
How many make the hour full complete;
How many hours bring about the day;
How many days will finish up the year;
How many years a mortal man may live.

Now I'm not a big Shakespeare fan but you have to give to a rock band that introduce you to quality material like this.

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