Thursday, July 13, 2006

The post-residency blahs

Hey all. Been a while since last post. Just checking up on the CC to see what's going on. Glad to know that things are still in fine form since my last check-in. I'm having a little lull time before I start my real job. I have the FP boards coming up at the end of the month. Any ideas on study material? I have saved some of the core review questions, and thought I might pour over some of those. I don't plan on putting too much time in this, so I would like some good practice questions. I think they have practice questions on the ABFM website. I recently have had a dental procedure and am on a short course of steroids, so I could use some helpful material to study when I'm up at 3AM. Hope everything is well at the AWHEC.

P.S. (directed at Joe) Does the office still smell as sweet as it did when I left?

Flash, the ever-so-bored, about to ship the kids off to the grandparents, starting his real job 8/1 (halleluia), former AWHEC resident

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At 8:54 PM, Blogger joe said...

study old in-training, and sample questions on the ABFM web site, the old cores are good but the questions are usually more difficult than the test--but are worth a quick review.

The office smells almost back to normal--someone left something brown and mushy in a paper sack in my office over the weekend. It smelled terrible, but it countered the 87 odor eaters to a neutral smell. Well, it was neutral until today and I rushed out and bought a few more pine trees and now it is almost in balance again, may get rid of the paper bag tomorrow.


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