Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Photo Quiz

Okay, somebody PLEASE try to guess what this is and where I got it. I know you won't get it so just make something up. I will give the answer in a few days.

ANSWER 10/03/05- Okay everybody thanks for playing. I guess Joe was the closest with his answer of fishing line. I wish he would stop teasing me with talk of bezoars unless he has some to show. Anyway here is the story: A teenage boy cut the back of his right hand, went to the ER to have it sutured, 3 stitches were placed. A week later the wound became infected so the sutures were removed and he was started on antibiotics. The next day the wound dehisced. So he went home found some 10 pound test fishing line and a sewing needle and sewed it back up. He placed one suture nice and neatly but then doubled up on the next 2 and made one big knotted mess of the four sutures. Here is his hand before I removed the fishing line. It is a sorry picture because I took it with a different camera.

The boy's hand has healed well, without any further complications.

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At 11:39 PM, Blogger joe said...

fishing line, could be from a grass trimmer or from the stomach of a bass( a nylonline bezoar).

At 7:21 PM, Blogger scott said...

I am going to go out on a limb and guess hardened spinnbarkeit.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Alice H said...

Trimmer wire pulled out of a dog's gut?

At 10:45 PM, Blogger Flash said...

I don't think this is a solid line. This appears to be some kind of tubing that possibly has blood in it. Could this have been found in the heart upon autopsy? I'm sure this is not even close.

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Clay said...

Thanks for playing everyone, the answer is above.

At 3:08 PM, Blogger Alice H said...

It may have healed without complications, but it sure looks icky.


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