Sunday, January 07, 2007

Are You in Good Hands?

That is the question on the banner below the car hanging precariously off the Marina Tower in Chicago. This is a pretty clever advertising scheme for Allstate. Apparently there is a video of a car driving off this building into the Chicago river available on the company's website but I couldn't get it to play on my computer so I haven't seen it yet.

By the way, you should be ashamed of yourself if noticed the phallic monument before seeing the car hanging off the building. Posted by Picasa

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At 6:24 AM, Blogger joe said...

The movie with the car leaving the Marina car park and going into the Chicago River was "The Hunter" with Steve McQueen. Made in 1980 it was his last movie before he died.

As far as the fortuitous juxtaposition of the globes and the pillar, I did not notice until it was pointed out. It was somewhat reminiscent of the phallic Effiel Tower photo recently posted on this blog--granted no orbs to complete the picture.

Now that blogger has spell ck maybe I will not miss too many words.


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