Friday, January 27, 2006

Two Good Podcasts

The first is an episode of Ockham's Razor: Dental Extraction and Rat Poison,
Sunday 22 January 2006
Dr Max Kamien, Emeritus Professor of General Practice at the University of Western Australia, talks about the history of the blood thinning drug Warfarin and discusses whether dentists should stop a patient's Warfarin therapy prior to dental extractions.

Here's the Transcript of this program, Dental Extraction and Rat Poison.
Here's the mp3 for the audio version. (right click and 'save target as')

The other Podcast is from the Word Nerds. In this episode the authors make a distinction between METAPHOR and METONYMY. Also in the rude word of the week segment, they explore the use of the word asshole.

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