Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Wasabi and Medicine

In honor of my involvement in this illustrious group, I thought I might start a discussion regarding the medicinal benefits of Wasabi -- which we have all learned to know and love. This topic was brought to mind because of a recent Sushi-eating expedition, in which our cohort, BB, was dared to down a large quantity of Wasabi (for a certain sum of money). This certainly was a great feat, and we can only hope that he will attempt to try this again (to a greater scale), sometime in the near future. This certainly raised the question of whether BB's prodigious Wasabi ingestion provided any health benefits, or harms. We have all felt the nasal effects of Wasabi, and I wondered if there was any literature to support it's medicinal use. I was able to find an article on WebMD that was presented at the American Academy of Otolaryngology meeting in Sept 2004. The article disproved that Wasabi is a decongestant, and actually showed that nasal congestion increased after ingestion. Here is a sight related to the article:


Too bad, BB! However, we might endeavor to see if Wasabi japonica has any other medicinal uses. Let me know what you find.

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At 12:31 PM, Blogger Clay said...

Did you search the Annals of The Hair Club For Men?
I think there were underlying motives for the binge other than just our entertainment.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Clay said...

I wasn't able to find any more on the use of wasabi for medicinal purposes, other than the above mentioned uses.......except for one guy who says he performs the "Wasabi test" to see if his patients are appropriate candidates for hair plugs. He rubs wasabi in their eye and if they complain too much then they are too wimpy for the treament.

At 9:13 PM, Blogger brad said...

I have conducted a retrospective study the is uncontrolled and not randomized to evaluate the relationship of alopecia and wassabe. The study group includes a 35y/o bald white male who practices medicine in Wynne, AR. The above mentioned participant in my study consumes large amounts of wassabe peanuts on a daily basis. He actually enjoys when other people try said peanuts and gag. The results of my study are as follows: No increase in hair growth was found with daily consumption of wassabe at the peanut dose. The study was stopped prematurely b/c significant increase in bad breath. This side effect is currently under investigation by fda. It is unclear if the manufacturer of wassabe peanuts will follow merck's lead and pull this clearly lethal product from the market.


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